Windlass Boat Winch For Sale

Windlass Boat Winch

Windlass boat winch has wide application, it can be used for fixing, towing and mooring boats.

At the same time, it can lift and drag light and heavy material.

This kind of marine winch has different types.

  • Based on power source, it mainly has electric boat winch and hydraulic boat winch.
  • The former type is suitable for light work or small boat, the latter type is ideal for heavy work or large boat.
  • Hydraulic windlass is more powerful than electric windlass.
  • For using purposes, it includes anchor winch, towing windlass, mooring windlass.

Aimix Group, a reliable marine winches manufacturer in China, famous for top quality and factory price, provides various marine windlasses, such as deck winch, offshore winches, cheap boat winch, drum winches for boats, drum anchor winch for sale, electric anchor windlass, boat capstan, mooring winch for ships, hydraulic towing winch, etc.

High safety! Low price! Great performance! Wonderful user experience!

Windlass Boat Winch For Sale
Windlass Boat Winch

Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
Rope capacity: 100-1500m
Drum: single or double
Working speed: 9 -15 m/min
Driven type: electric
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Working condition of anchor chain in sailing

Anchor chain connects the anchor and the ship, it is used for receiving and buffering external force on the ship.

It also has some friction. Anchor chain can receive long-distance load, different loads and changing load.

It has many advantages, such as high safety, good soft effect, safe and stable application, light dead weight, convenient transport.

Anchor chain has great tensile effect, anti-fatigue effect and impact toughness.

For heavy and fast work, it can also keep features as anti-wear, anti-seismic and safe operation.

It can still work well under the condition of bad weather and harmful substances.

  • First, for each link, choose shackles with the worst weariness, and measure the diameters.
  • Second, before measuring, remove the rust on the measuring position to ensure the precision.
  • Third, detect with a caliper to test two positions on both sides, and make records.
  • Fourth, make stainless steel mark and color paint mark for each section.
  • Fifth, when installing, for replaced anchor chain, once its shackle is installed, just pour lead and seal it.

Why choose Aicrane windlass boat winch?

1. Different types, multiple choices
2. Customized service, reasonable design
3. Strict producing standards, reliable quality
4. Terse structure, easy installation
5. Simple maintenance, convenient use

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