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Warping Winch

Warping winch is kind of towing winch.

  • It is used for dragging and towing ship.
  • This kind of winch has portable weight, compact structure, and durable material.
  • It is convenient to carry with from one place from another place, the complete safety device makes it high security.
  • Anti-corrosion material ensures its long service life.

Aimix, a professional winch manufacturer in China, provides types of marine windlass with reliable quality and factory price, such as cable pulling winch, marine drum winch, spooling winch, electric boat winch, small boat windlass, horizontal anchor windlass, power boat anchor winch, marine capstan winch, hydraulic boat anchor, hydraulic towing winch, constant tension mooring winches etc.

Warping Winch Manufacturer
Warping Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1 ton – 200 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 2000m
Speed: 5m/min – 15 m/min
No. of warping head: single or double
Drive type: electric, hydraulic or diesel
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Safe operation tips of warping winch

  1. First, the operator must accept professional training and get qualified license.
  2. Second, the winch must be installed with the bell or acoustic optic signal device. The signal must be clear, flexible and reliable.
  3. Before using the winch, check the wire rope carefully, such as the condition of arrangement, the weariness and broken, for any problems, take measures timely. And do the lubrication regularly.
  4. Check every connecting bolts, whether drum bolts are loose.
  5. Check whether the voltage is normal, the cam control handle is placed on the zero position, whether the safe brake device is flexible and reliable, if the braking action is not flexible, adjust it timely. The grease and dirt on the falling band must be cleaned. Check whether the monitoring system and signal system are flexible.
  6. When the winch is working, no person stands near the wire rope in case that the wire rope is broken.
  7. The speed must be stable, not accelerating or braking suddenly.
  8. If it is difficult to start, find the reasons timely. If the marine winch is power off automatically during normal work, before finding the reasons, not starting again.

Safety protection devices of warping winch

First is about brake device.

  • It can control the speed during the process of decelerating phase, unloading heavy material.
  • It can take emergency braking for accident.
  • Opening the clutch when replacing the wire rope and adjusting the rope, it can stop the rotating drum.

The two-stage braking has many advantages.

  • It can reduce the impact caused by inertial when stopping, and ensure stable stop.
  • It can also avoid the wire rope from strong impact and prolong the service life of wire rope.
  • It can ensure the winch good performance.

Complete safety protection device is necessary.

  • It can ensure the quality of the marine winch and security of operator.
  • Operate the winch according the principles.

What is a warping winch used for?

A winch is used to pull heavy weights or hoist them, but what about the warping winch? What is its role in the grand scheme of things? Is it a valuable tool for a particular set of people

1.Used to pull

The winch is designed to do the simple task of pulling. Now, the pulling does not mean it has to drag the weight to a new place. It is just about pulling weight or applying force in the opposite direction of gravity. This is why it is often used to hoist items with the “pulling” motion.

Those who are looking to make things easier are able to put the winch to the test.

It makes it simpler to pull the ship along and keep it in place as required. It reduces the stress on those who own the ship.

2.Eases handling of heavier weights

The ship is not going to be easy to handle once it has come to the shore and it is the responsibility of those who own it to make sure things remain as they should. What do they have to do then? They have to go out and get a secure solution that is going to make things easier to manage.

3.This is where handling comes into play

The ship owner has to get the warping winch to control the ship and make sure it stays where it has to. This is critical because the winch equipment is made for heavier weights like a ship. When a ship owner has to gain control of weights such as this, it becomes necessary to get something that is secure.

The warping winch is one of the safest choices for a person that is in this situation.

It is used around the world by ship owners and is highly regarded for how it works and its design.

4.Holding ship

The winch is responsible for a specific type of holding. It is meant to secure the ship to the shore. It has to be held down, or it will float away, and this is what the winch is supposed to do. The warping winch is shaped in a manner where it can do this with ease and is not going to budge.

This gives those who own the ship enough room to put it where they want and not have to think about the conditions.

The warping winch has made it easier to secure ships ever since it was designed and is now a staple option for those who want quality. Ship owners are not willing to spend time on other options where the results might be flimsy, and it could lead to further trouble.

The goal is to make sure the warping winch can remain in place for as long as needed and the modern design does ensure that is the case.

The ship is not going to float away at all once it has been put together with the winch.

Aicrane top quality warping windlass for sale

1. Reasonable design, compact system
2. Simple structure, easy maintenance
3. Anti-corrosion feature, durable material
4. Power towing, high efficiency
5. Affordable price, good performance
6. Various types, customized service

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