Small Capacity Winch

Small capacity winch is kind of portable winch. It is great choice for light duty! With terse structure, small winch is easy to maintain; with small size, tiny winch takes few arears; with light weight, it is convenient to transport; with durable material, light duty winch can service for long time.

Aimix, a well-known winches supplier and manufacturer in China, sales types of marine winches and construction winches for sale, such as electric cable winch, boat power winch, constant tension winch, warping winch, marine drum winch, cable pulling winch, vessel winch, cheap boat winch, drum anchor winch, hydraulic winch, electric capstan rope winch, vertical winch, mooring winches, electric tugger winch, slow speed winch, fast speed winch and other types.

We also provide customized service! Customers can purchase suitable type from us!

Small Capacity Winch For Sale
Small Capacity Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
Drive type: electric
Customized service provided
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What are functions of winch coupling?

  1. Coupling can connect both two axials.
  2. Coupling can transfer torque and movement, and has ability of compensating offset.
  3. To reduce vibration of mechanical transmission system, decrease load, coupling has cushioning performance.
  4. Coupling also has overload protection function.

Why choose small capacity winch?

  • For easy operation, small winch has portable weight, it is very easy to operate. Compare with large capacity winch, light winch has lower failure rate.
  • For low price, light duty winch is much cheaper than heavy duty winch. If the loading work is not heavy, just choose small capacity winches.
  • For simple system, this winch has terse structure. This makes it easy to repair and maintain. Daily check-work also becomes simpler.
  • For light weight, only a small car can carry the winch from one place to another place easily. Thus it is convenient to use.
  • For reasonable design, tiny winch has practical design, this makes it easy to install and disassemble.

Aicrane winches have above features, reliable performance, great quality, ideal price and practical functions!

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