Slipway Winch For Sale

Slipway Winch

Slipway winch is a kind of small marine winch.

  • It is mainly used for anchoring and mooring ship on the slipway, or lifting and dragging material to save labor resource.
  • This marine windlass can save energy and time.
  • It mainly includes electric marine winch and hydraulic marine winch.
  • With tiny size, lightweight, compact structure, slipway winches have wide application.

Aimix, a reliable marine winches manufacturer in China, provides types of boat windlasses for sale, such as small anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, electric anchor winch for sale, electric capstan rope winch, hydraulic mooring winch, electric towing winch etc.

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Slipway Winch For Sale
Slipway Winch

Load capacity: 1 ton โ€“ 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1500m
Speed: 5m/min โ€“ 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Power mode: electric
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Anti-corrosion treatment method of anchor chain

First, pretreatment for anchor chain. Before sherardizing, take oil removing, sand blasting, shot blasting, rust cleaning, scale and old paint removing. White surface is required, and it shows the basic color of steel.

Second, furnace charging. According to certain proportion, put artifacts and power zinc impregnation agent together into drum that can help permeability through machinery. Seal it and install the drum.

Third, heat treatment. Turn on to make drum rotate, the temperature rises as well as the drum is rotating, when the temperature meets the standard that can sherardize , begin to start the time, keep temperature and continue to roll, complete the thermal diffusion inside the cylinder.

Fourth, draw a charge, keep constant temperature to prescribed time, stop heating and rotating, hang the drum, after drum cools to 50โ„ƒ naturally, open the furnace, pull into a vibrating screen, apart the artifacts from zinc impregnation agent, take out the artifacts, wash them, remove remaining zinc impregnation powder.

Fifth, post-processing after permeability. Take chromate treatment for zinc layer, soak in chromate treatment fluid for a few seconds, put forward to dry, thus very small amount of active free zinc on the zinc layer can form chromate conversion coating with excellent anticorrosive performance, and improve corrosion protecting effect of zinc layer.

Sixth, brush the paint. Paint zinc layer for two times, recoat interval should be more than 6 hours.

Seventh, paint for anchor chain. Paint for two layers. Recoat interval should be over 12 hours.

Tips on how to choose and utilize slipway winch

When looking to get a new winch, you will be faced with some questions. It won’t be easy to make a decision, and you will feel forced by the options in front of you. A slipway winch is the way to go and is one that is used by most people these days.

Let’s see what you need to know as a person that is going to make the selection.

Here are the things you need to consider when getting a slipway winch and how to use it as well.

1.Tips for choosing

So, let’s take a look at what you should think about as you are hoping to make a selection. You will want to start by thinking about the load you will be hauling. When you are not sure about the load, you will never make a smart choice, and it becomes more of a guessing game in the end. You want to know the weight that you are going for and then pick a slipway winch that can offer such capacity and power. If you are not getting this, you are tossing your money away for no reason at all.

You also want to make sure the supplier that is selected has been verified and is good on their word. You do not want to get a slipway winch from those who are not experienced because you could end up with one that is rubbish and does not haul anything.

When you are putting money in, it is your responsibility to make sure everything is considered and that you have had a look at the supplier and what they are offering.

2.How to use it

For those who want to know how to use it, you will have to look at reading the directions. The slipway winch is factored around the idea of setting it up in the location requiring hauling and then make the necessary connections. It is easy to setup, and you will have all of the controls right at the front.

You want to control it using those buttons and make sure all of the features can handle the weight that you are going to be moving from one place to another. This is the only way to make it work.

This is all you need to know when it comes to how to choose and use Aicrane winch. You will love this investment because it is going to make your time with boats easier. You will have the ability to carry significant loads, and it will be simpler to move them around.

You are often bound by the weight and how it is shaped, but not when you have a slipway winch. It is made for this purpose and you will be able to call for it as soon as you want to. This is the power of a good winch and all that it can do moving forward.

Get your slipway winch as soon as you can, it’ll be worth it.

Purchase suitable slipway winch from Aimix

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2. Strict producing standards, reliable quality
3. Reasonable design, practical functions
4. High efficiency, good performance
5. Portable weight, convenient and safe use

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