Rope Windlass For Sale

Rope Windlass

Rope windlass is a kind of small marine winch.

  • It has light weight, small size, simple structure and easy operation.
  • It is fast to install, simple to maintain and convenient to transport from place to another place.
  • This marine winch is mainly used for small ship.
  • It is applied for anchoring, mooring and towing ship.
  • According to rope, rope winch can be divided into two types, wire rope windlass and usual rope windlass.
  • According to power source, it mainly includes electric rope windlass, hydraulic rope windlass.
  • Electric type and hydraulic type are more popular.

Aimix, a professional winch manufacturer in China, provides various types of marine winches, such as hydraulic and electric towing winch, anchor mooring winch, double drum mooring winch, electric capstan rope winch, vertical winch, horizontal winch, hydraulic boat anchor, electric anchor winches for small boats, good anchor windlass, power anchor winch, electric anchor winch for sale.

Whatever winch type customers want, they can purchase suitable marine winches from us!

Rope Windlass For Sale
Rope Windlass

Dia of anchor rope: ø12mm – ø120mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
No. of drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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How to maintain rope windlass in daily work?

First, using right anchor and left anchor by turns, thus anchor and anchor rope can weary evenly. Every time before lifting anchor, washing the anchor.

Second, check the weary and deformation condition of anchor shackle, check whether horizontal pin is loose, whether flukes have bend or crack, have suitable angle, whether flukes rotate flexibly. When lifting anchor, when anchor is out of water, observe whether the fluke grabs some sundries.

Third, check whether cable mark is clear, whether link and shackle have crack and deformation. Check the loose condition of structure and weary condition.

Fourth is about anchor winch, operate it according to requirements, check the brake to ensure good condition, every time before using the machine, increase oil and have a test, increase oil for clutch to ensure flexible operation, pay attention to the weary condition.

Aicrane reliable rope winches for sale

1. Tiny size, compact structure, simple system
2. Convenient transport, reasonable design
3. Easy operation, wide application
4. Good performance, high efficiency
5. Customized service, complete after-sale service

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