Portable Small Boat Anchor Winch For Sale

River Anchor Winch

River anchor winch is mainly used for fixing ship.

  • This kind of marine winch has small size, portable weight, terse structure, simple system, good performance and affordable price! River anchor winch mainly includes electric anchor winch and hydraulic anchor winch.
  • For light work, just choose electric type, for heavier work, hydraulic marine windlass is more suitable.
  • This winch has easy maintenance, every time before using the winch, check it carefully, find the failures and solve the problems timely, this can reduce damage and prolong winch’s service life.

Aimix, a great marine winches manufacturer in China, supplies types of boat winches for sale, such as marine hydraulic winch, electric trailer winch, cheap boat winch, horizontal anchor windlass, small boat anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, mooring winch for ships, electric towing winch and other types.

Buy Aicrane marine windlasses for less cost, higher quality and better performance!

Ellsen River Anchor Winch
River Anchor Winch

Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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The quality of anchor chain is important for the ship

Ship can float and still in the water, this is related to its structure and components. Anchor chain is the component that can make ship still in the water. Anchor chain is the part used for fixing ship. Ship stills in the water, it must rely on the anchor to pin the ship. Anchor chain is the middle part that connects anchor and ship. Anchor chain bears large weight of ship, thus anchor chain needs high quality.

Chain loading to the ship is very small, ship loading to the chain is very large, thus the heavier of anchor chain, the better of its quality. Heavier anchor chain is usually made by special steel, heavier steel chain can drag ship. The quality of anchor chain determines the performance of ship mooring. Chain quality is usually tested strictly, bad anchor chain is not permitted to use for large ship. Not all anchor chain is made by steel, usual cable can be used as anchor chain, but usual cable can only be used for small ship. Many small ship of fisherman adopt usual cable as anchor chain. The anchor chain of large passenger ship or military vessel is made by steel. To learn more, contact us.

Why not choose Aicrane cost-effective river anchor winch?

1. Reliable quality, great performance
2. Ideal price, various types, multiple choices
3. Innovative design, tight structure
4. Simple system, easy maintenance
5. Corrosion-proof material, long service term

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