Power Winch Marine For Sale

Power Winch Marine

Power winch marine is a good choice for lifting, dragging and transporting material in mine, warehouse, construction site and port.

  • This kind of marine winch has many advantages, it can save labor resource and energy, improve working efficiency.
  • It has reliable safety protection device, simple system and reasonable design.
  • With anti-corrosion material, it can be used on the ship for anchoring.

Aimix, one of professional marine winches manufacturers in China, provides top quality power boat winch with factory price, such as mooring winch, drum anchor winch, electric anchor winches for small boats, electric capstan winch.

The company also has customized service, customers can purchase suitable type according to practical needs.

Power Winch Marine For Sale
Power Winch Marine

Load capacity: 1ton – 300ton
Drum capacity: 100- 1500 m
Drum: double
Speed: ≤15m/min
Power mode: electric, hydraulic or diesel
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Usual obstacles of power winch marine

Power winch is mainly composed of transmission shaft, medium shaft, and drum shaft, out-put shaft, climbing box, brake mechanism and gear mechanism. Brake mechanism, drum shaft and gear mechanism easily have problems. Analyze these obstacles and solve them, this can prolong the marine service life.

First, there is abnormal sound inner parts. It has two conditions, the shaft and chain have abnormal sound. Shaft has abnormal sound, because it has weariness and corrosion. This is related to shaft quality. The chain has abnormal sound and vibration and impact. This has four reasons as following: sprocket tooth has serious weariness, tooth thickness weariness is more than 2mm; the error of transmission sprocket vice surface is more than 0.5mm; the chain roller wearies seriously, the pitch size increases, the chain is elongated; the chain is too long, the section number is more than standard number. Thus the chain and sprocket can’t match each other well.

Second, the marine winch can’t put in gear. The gear device has problems. Check cylinder stator and correct the push rod, change the shaft.

Third, brake handle doesn’t work well. The brake pads and brake drum has serious weariness. If the brake pads weary thickness is more than 10-15mm, weary diameter of brake drum is more than 20mm, change it timely. At the same time, check whether the brake pad is out of shape, the brake drum has partial weariness. When braking, it slips, there is oil on the brake drum, clean the oil pollution timely. Brake handle angle is not right. Adjust the brake handle angle timely. The gap between balance beam side panel and balance pin is not suitable.

Aicrane best power winches for sale

1. Durable material, anti-rain, anti-snow
2. Wide application, many functions
3. Low price, high quality, good performance
4. Rope type, chain type, and customized service
5. Fast installation, easy maintenance
6. Good appearance, light weight

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