Power Boat Anchor Winch For Sale

Power Boat Anchor Winch

Power boat anchor winch is a nice choice for fixing ship.

  • For light work, small ship, just choose electric boat anchor winch, for heavy work, large ship, choose hydraulic boat anchor winch.
  • Electric type is lighter and smaller, very convenient to transport and use.
  • Hydraulic type is more powerful, very cost-effective for large boat.
  • Power boat anchor winch can help fix ship firmly even in strong wind and stream.

Aimix, one of professional marine winches manufacturers in China, provides top marine windlasses for sale, such as marine electric winch, deck winches, gypsy winch, boat power winch, sailboat winches for sale, drum anchor winch for sale, hydraulic anchor windlass, anchor winches for small boats, electric capstan rope winch, vertical anchor windlass, mooring winches, towing winches and other type.

Whatever types customers want, they can purchase suitable type from us!

Power Boat Anchor Winch For Sale
Power Boat Anchor Winch

Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
No. of drum: double
No. of warping head: double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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The advantages of electric boat anchor winch

  • Electric anchor winch has wide application on the boat.
  • According to electric system, electric anchor winch can be divided into two types, DC type and AC type.
  • DC electric anchor winch has good adjusting-speed, high efficiency, and its electric brush needs regular maintenance.
  • Reduction gear unit usually adopts transmission as hourglass worm gear, spur gear and planetary gear.
  • In general, planetary gear transmission mechanism has light weight, tiny size, high transmitting efficiency, simple maintenance and wide application.

Why choose hydraulic boat anchor windlass

Hydraulic anchor winch mainly relies on hydraulic device to take and control the work. The power of hydraulic anchor comes from the oil pump device driven by electric motor, thus it is also called electric hydraulic anchor winch. It has following features:

  • First, it has as good adjusting-speed feature as DC electric anchor winch.
  • Second, it adopts low speed high torque hydraulic motor, it has low rotating speed and high output torque, it doesn’t need another large mechanical reducer, and can drive sprocket directly.
  • Third, hydraulic transmission has automatic braking performance, it has high safety and reliability.
  • Fourth, this kind of device has terse structure, portable weight and small size.
  • Fifth, it is convenient to operate, easy to operate and simple to repair.
  • Sixth, hydraulic anchor winch is powerful, more beneficial for heavy work and large ship.

Purchase power boat anchor winch from Aimix

1. Reliable manufacturer, high praise
2. 100% new, various types, multiple choices
3. Innovative design, practical functions
4. Simple system, tight structure
5. High safety, easy operation
6. Durable material, strict producing standards
7. Long service life, nice after-sale service
8. Satisfying performance, customized service

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