Power Anchor Winch Manufacturer

Power Anchor Winch

Power anchor winch is pretty good choice for fixing ship.

  • According to power energy, it can be divided into two types, hydraulic anchor winch and electric anchor winch.
  • The former type is more powerful than the latter type.
  • Hydraulic anchor windlass is perfect for heavy work, electric anchor windlass is suitable for light and frequent work.

Aimix, a reliable marine winch supplier and manufacturer in China, provides kinds of marine winches for sale, such as towing winches, mooring winch for ships, electric capstan rope winch, small boat anchor winches, and drum anchor winches for boats, horizontal anchor windlass, small anchor winch, marine drum winch, electric cable winch and other types.

Customers can choose suitable type according to practical requirement and standards.

Ellsen Power Anchor Winch For Sale
Power Anchor Winch For Sale

Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
No. of gypsy: double
No. of warping head: double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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What are main reasons for anchor obstacles?

First, anchor chain and chain guiding-rail center line are not straight. This leads serious problems, excessive force, overload trip, the edge of anchor chain guiding-rail get wearied seriously.

Second, first speed relay of electric cabinet trips for many times, this leads the switch of first speed relay become loose.

Third, inner fastening parts of command become loose. Operating handle can’t be controlled precisely. Rotating speed can’t show correctly.

Fourth, the lack of maintenance for long time can leads many problems, the cover of anchor winch corrodes, the rust of clutch handle become thick, even rotting perforation, intensity decrease and deformation of clutch handle.

How to solve those problems? The methods are as following: take complete maintenance for anchor winch cover and electric parts, adjust the center of anchor chain guiding rail, and eliminate one side stress. Take overall maintenance for electric components, update maintenance for anchor winch cover and clutch to ensure normal work.

Purchase suitable power anchor winch from Aimix

1. Powerful strength, high efficiency
2. Tight structure, simple system
3. Easy maintenance, convenient operation
4. High safety, high quality
5. Reasonable price, high praise
6. Anti-corrosion feature, long service life

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