Port Winch Manufacturer

Port Winch

Port winch is kind of mechanical device used for anchoring, mooring and towing ship.

This kind of marine winch has anti-corrosion material, compact structure and complete safety protection devices.

It has various types, such as electric marine winch, deck winch, electric cable winch, small boat winch, drum winches for boats, best electric anchor winch, cheap anchor winch, drum anchor winch, electric capstan winch, hydraulic mooring winch, electric mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch and hydraulic towing winch.

Aimix, a reliable and professional marine windlass supplier, provides types of winches for sale with top quality and affordable price.

Customers can purchase suitable type from us!

Port Winch Manufacturer
Port Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1 ton – 300 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 2000m or customized
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Drive type: electric, hydraulic, diesel
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What are functions of port winch?

  • First, dragging the anchor to brake. The winch can avoid emergency, such as collision and stranding. It can control speed and reduce stroke when travelling to mooring position.
  • Second, dragging the anchor to moor. Using the anchor to control the speed, stroke and fore and aft rotation.
  • Third, dragging the anchor to turn around. It can reduce rotating diameter when turning around.
  • Fourth, dropping anchor for convenience when leaving the port.

How to maintain the anchor chain of port winch?

Anchor chain is safety insurance of ship sailing. It is important to know how to maintain the anchor chain.

  • First, the degree of tightness should be suitable. If the chain is too tight, it will increase power consumption, bearing shaft wearies easily. If the chain is too lose, it is easy to beat and take off the chain.
  • Second, anchor chain is too long or becomes long after use, difficult to adjust, disassembly some chain links according to practical conditions. The number of chain links must be an even number. Chain link should be through from back of anchor chain.
  • Third, if the anchor chain wearies seriously, replace new chain wheel and anchor chain to ensure good meshing. Not just replacing new chain or new chain wheel.
  • Fourth, old chain can’t mix with new chain, this can lead impact during transmission and make chain broken.

The advantages of high quality anchor chain

Anchor winch can control the sailing speed of boat. Anchor winch has heavy weight. When the anchor is dropped into water, it is installed in the sediment. Anchor chain can transport the fixing power to the boat so that the boat stop sailing. It is difficult for large vessel to fix with cable. Anchor chain on the boat can be dropped into water anytime, and the boat can stop anytime, even for strong wave, anchor chain can lock firmly. Anchor chain is similar to usual cable, but the functions of anchor chain are more various.

The length of anchor chain is much longer than that of usual cable. For sailing ship, if the chain is not enough long, the anchor can’t drop into water, and the boat can’t dock smoothly. To adapt to different depts. Of the ocean floor, anchor chain of sailing ship must have enough length.

Anchor chain has better fastness than that of usual cable. Anchor chain stands the ship weight, and wave impact. Strong fastness can protect the ship from powerful impact and heavy weight. Sea water has strong corrosion, anchor chain connects with sea water frequently, anchor chain must have anti-corrosion feature. Anchor chain is made by special steel, it won’t rust, and the firmness exceed other usual cables. The toughness of anchor chain can meet the requirement of ship swing.

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