Marine Drum Winch For Sale

Marine Drum Winch

Marine drum winch is a durable marine windlass with anti-corrosion material.

  • It can be used for fixing, towing and mooring ship on the boat or offshore.
  • This kind of marine winch has tiny size, power lifting and dragging capacity and high efficiency.
  • It can help save much labor resource, energy and time, increase efficiency and improve working condition.
  • With practical functions, good performance, affordable price, marine drum winch has wide application.
  • It is widely used for lifting, dragging material or anchoring ship on the boat or offshore.

Aimix, a professional marine windlass manufacturer in China, provides types of great marine winches, such as hydraulic towing winch, double drum mooring winch, electric capstan rope winch, hydraulic boat anchor, model boat anchor winch, good anchor windlass, best electric anchor winch, etc.

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Marine Drum Winch For Sale
Marine Drum Winch

Load capacity: 1ton – 100ton
Drum capacity: 100- 1000 m
Speed: ≤15m/min
Power mode: electric, hydraulic or diesel
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Reasons, influence and measures of wire rope disorder

The wire rope on the drum is not arranged in order. Main reasons are as following:
First, the winch is arranged properly, that is the deflection of lifting wire rope doesn’t meet the standards.

Second, winch wheel lacks oil, it can’t travelling as well as the wire rope rotating on the drum.

Third, the winch rope guider is not effective or disassembled.

Fourth, the operator uses the winch in wrong way or the rope doesn’t rotate on the drum tightly.

The damage of rope disorder is clear. It mainly has two influence.

First, it can accelerate the weariness of wire rope. When the wire rope rotates on the drum in disorder, pulling force rope can be squeezed out and in among the disorder ropes, this can leads serious weariness, the diameter of wire rope become thinner and broken wire rope increase, which reduces the service life of wire rope.

Second, the wire rope slides out of the drum. Disorder wire rope leads squeeze and pile up, this can damage the rope guarding. When the pile height is more than drum edge height, the wire rope slide out of the drum easily. The rope turns broken.

According to conditions, the measures are different. For installation quality and ineffective rope guider, report promptly and send request to deal with. For incorrect operation or maintenance, operate and maintain according to the standards strictly. Clean up the winch regularly and keep the winch tidy.

Aicrane reliable marine drum winch for sale

1. Creative design, good-looking appearance
2. Durable material, anti-corrosion
3. Long service life, low failure rate
4. Portable weight, convenient use
5. Easy operation, fast installation

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