Marine Deck Equipment For Sale

Marine Deck Equipment

Marine deck equipment include many different machines, marine winch is the most important and popular device.

It has many different types, such as electric trailer winch, cable pulling winch, sailboat winches for sale, horizontal anchor windlass, drum anchor winch for sale, electric capstan rope winch, and constant tension mooring winches, hydraulic towing winch, anchor handling towing winch.

Aimix, a reliable winch supplier in China, provides types of marine winch with good performance and affordable price. It can save energy, increase efficiency, cut failure rate and improve working condition.

Want to make anchoring easier and safer? Purchase marine deck equipment from us now!

Ellsen Marine Deck Equipment For Sale
Marine Deck Equipment

Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1500m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Drive type: electric
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How to prolong the service life of marine deck winch?

Service life of marine deck winch is related to many factors, such as winch supplier, material quality, right operation and daily check work.

First, choose a professional and reliable marine winch manufacturer. Professional supplier means ensured quality, strict producing standard, complete safety protection devices, for example, Aimix, a great winch supplier in China, has much experience about winch designing, producing and exporting. Aicrane winches have been exported to more than fifty countries and regions.

Second, choose winch with anti-corrosion material. Deck winch is mostly used on boat and ship for outdoor anchoring, lifting or dragging work. The material must be anti-rain, anti-snow and anti-corrosion.

Third, operate the machine according to the rules, this can protect the winch from damage and operator’s safety.

Fourth, check the winch carefully every time before using the device. Find the problems and solve them timely, this can avoid many failures and protect the machine.

Daily check work and maintenance of marine deck equipment

First, check whether bolts, rivets and pin shaft are loose or fall off, especially for bearing bolt and anchor bolt, tighten for loose bolts and supplement for falling-off bolts.

Second, check the reducer gear mesh condition, whether the gear has channeling move, gear weariness exceed the standards, gear has crack, broken damage, whether the oil is enough, the oil has metamorphic and sediment.

Third, check the condition of lubricating oil pump, whether the oil flow of every lubricating part is smooth and fix quantify, whether the oil ring rotates, the oil temperature is suitable, if not, adjust and change it timely.

Fourth, check the condition of brake system’s brake drum, brake disc, brake shoe, transmission mechanism, hydraulic pressure station, whether the gap between brake block and brake disc meets the standards, whether the action of insurance brake is normal, the spring is effective, whether brake counterweight hammer is chocked up by other devices.

Fifth, check loss situation of main controller, electromagnetic contactor and various relay signal devices. For damage condition, grinding or replacing contactor timely.

Sixth, check whether wire rope on the drum is arranged in order, the lanyard is fixed firmly. Check the record of wire rope broken and weariness.

Seventh, check whether coupling is loose, deform and missing. Replace the damaged elastic aprons. Check coupling amount and clearance.

Eighth, clean the equipment, keep the device tidy and floor clean.

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