Lightweight Capstan Winch For Sale

Lightweight Capstan Winch

Lightweight capstan winch is kind of small winch.

  • It has tiny size, portable weight, simple system, easy operation, high efficiency and convenient use.
  • Light duty capstan winch is mainly used for anchoring and mooring small ship.
  • Electric capstan winch is also used for lifting and dragging light material in construction site, factory, warehouse and so on.

Aimix Group, a professional and well-known winches manufacturer in China, provides kinds of construction winches and marine winches for sale, such as electric cable winch, electric trailer winch, power anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, constant tension mooring winches, electric mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch, fast speed winch, low speed winch, piling winch.

Whatever types customers want to buy, they can purchase suitable winch from our group!

Lightweight Capstan Winch For Sale
Lightweight Capstan Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
Wire rope capacity: customized
Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
Driven type: electric, hydraulic
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Check and maintenance for lightweight capstan winch

First, check whether work brake and safe brake are flexible and reliable.

Second, check work condition of electric motor, control handle and connecting parts.

Third, check brake shoe, adjust clearance, the clearance should be less than 1.5mm.

Fourth, check whether lubricating oil of gear reducer is enough.

Fifth, check whether winch device and floor are tidy, clean out the dirt.

Sixth, check lubricating oil quantity.

Advantages of small capstan winch

  • Small capstan winch is ideal choice for small ship and light duty.
  • Tiny size takes little area, light weight makes it easy to transport, and high efficiency is suitable for frequent work.
  • Except for anchor and mooring winch, small winch is also applied for lifting and dragging material in construction site, warehouse and factory.
  • Light duty winch is much cheaper than heavy duty winch.
  • We provide types of winches with affordable price and reliable performance.
  • Aicrane winches have factory price, top quality and durable material, perfect choice for ship!

Purchase Aicrane lightweight capstan winch

1. Top quality, top performance
2. Low price, low failure
3. High efficiency, high safety
4. Simple operation, simple system
5. Anti-corrosion material, durable material
6. Reasonable design, various types

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