Top Quality Light Duty Hydraulic Winch

Light Duty Hydraulic Winch

Light duty hydraulic winch is a powerful and portable winch.

  • It has many advantages, such as high versatility, compact structure, tiny size, light weight, convenient carry and high rope capacity.
  • It is widely used for dragging and lifting material in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining and port.
  • According to functions, it can be divided into marine winch, construction winch, mining winch.

Aimix Group, a well-known winch manufacturer in China, supplies types of construction winch and marine winch for sale, such as electric marine winch, electric cable winch, boat power winch, electric trailer winch, cable pulling winch, cheap boat winch, horizontal anchor windlass, power boat anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, double drum mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch!

Customers can purchase suitable type according to practical needs and requirement.

Reliable quality! Affordable price! Buy Aicrane cost-effective winches now!

Top Quality Light Duty Hydraulic Winch
Top Quality Light Duty Hydraulic Winch

Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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How to do lubrication for light duty winch?

  1. Reducer adopts winter gear oil or saturated cylinder oil for lubrication.
  2. Oil level should ensure that the worm immerses in the oil totally.
  3. Reducer should replace oil once a year.
  4. Main shaft and reducer’s output shaft should be replaced regularly.
  5. Every time before using winch, add lubricating oil for open-gear.
  6. Other parts of winch should also be lubricated well before using.

Running-in for hydraulic winch

After installing winch, take a careful check to ensure good condition and make lubrication for every part, then take no-load test run, after wire rope rotates, take test run with load, add the load to rated load. Under standard voltage, currency doesn’t exceed rated value, electric motor, reducer and other parts don’t produce heat. Running-in is important for hydraulic winch, it can test performance and ensure safety.

Why choose Aicrane light duty hydraulic winch

1. Durable material, simple system
2. Great performance, high efficiency
3. Portable weight, convenient use
4. Easy operation, reliable safety
5. Advanced technology, strict standards
6. Perfect after-sale service, professional supplier

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