Light Duty Boat Winch

Light duty boat winch is kind of small winch. As a portable winch, it has little size, simple structure, terse system and easy operation. It is widely used for lifting and dragging material in port, factory, plant and warehouse for light and frequent work. Light duty winch mainly refers to electric winch.

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Light Duty Boat Winch For Sale
Light Duty Boat Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Drive type: electric
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The reasons for winch brake heat

  • Using brake too early, too frequently, too hard.
  • For single drum winch, when the winch unloads material, it uses brake for many times, the boat winch doesn’t has electric braking system.
  • Brake shore bolts become loose or brake shoe gets wearied seriously, bolts end connects with brake disc or brake wheel.
  • The installation of brake shoe and brake wheel or brake disc is not correct, the connecting area is small.
  • The swing of brake wheel or brake disc is large.

Effective solutions are as following:

  1. Summarize operating experience, explore operating ways and improve operating skills level;
  2. Operate winch according to safety standards seriously, check and maintain principles, control dragging loads seriously;
  3. Check and maintain winch often, pay attention to connecting condition between brake shoe and brake wheel or brake disc.

The reason that winch motor is out of work

  • Pushing start-button, winch electric motor doesn’t work, the reasons are as following:
  • Power supply has obstacles, for example, the power is off, electric motor or circuit is land-ground, ground protection is out of power or supply voltage is too low.
  • Stop-button doesn’t recover to original position.
  • There are obstacles in the starter.
  • Operating cable is broken.
  • Electric motor is damaged.

Effective solutions are as following:

  1. Check power supply first, if other electric equipment on this cable can’t work, the power must be off, report to ask for help.
  2. Check button again, put all switch handle on power-off position, than disassemble button to take a check. Avoid damaging its anti-proof feature during check.
  3. For other conditions, it is necessary to invite professional electrician for check.

Aicrane light duty boat winch for sale

1. Terse structure, simple maintenance
2. Portable weight, easy operation
3. Stable performance, high efficiency
4. Tiny size, convenient carry
5. High quality, low failure rate

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