Large Drum Winch

Large drum winch is widely used for lifting and dragging material in different fields, such as factory, warehouse, material plant, construction site and port. Large winch has wide application, because it has many advantages, stable performance, reliable quality, reasonable design, low failure rate and various types.

According to using places, large drum winch mainly includes large construction winch and large marine winch. Construction winch is mainly used for land work, marine winch is mainly applied on the port or ship.

According to using purposes, it has anchor winches for sale, capstan winches, mooring windlass, tugger winch for sale and towing winches for sale.

According to power supply, it can be divided into two types, electric large winch and hydraulic drum winch. For loading tons more than 20 ton, hydraulic winch is suitable choice, if lifting capacity is less than 20 ton, electric winch is pretty good.

Large Drum Winch For Sale
Large Drum Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1ton – 200ton
Drum capacity: 100- 1500 m
Speed: ≤15m/min
Power mode: electric, hydraulic or diesel
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The reason that winch reducer has abnormal sound and vibration

Gear meshing clearance is too tight or loose.

Bearing clearance is wide, for no-load, it has loud sound, for heavy load, it has weak sound.

The bolts of reducer or bearing are loose.

Something drops into reducer.

Effective solutions are as following

Adjust gear meshing clearance to proper value, if the weariness is serious, replace gear timely.

Maintain or replace loose bearing timely.

Pay attention to fixing loose bolts.

For any foreign matter in reducer, stop to elude obstacles immediately.

Why choose Aicrane large drum winch for sale

Aimix Group, a professional winches supplier and manufacturer in China, provides types of construction winch and marine windlasses for sale, such as marine electric winch, offshore winches, deck winches, cable pulling winch, spooling winch, electric boat winches, cheap boat winch, horizontal anchor windlass, hydraulic boat anchor, boat capstan winch, double drum mooring winch, tugger winch and towing winches for sale.

All these are designed and produced according to national standards and international requirements. Aicrane winches have great performance to meet customers’ practical needs!

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