Large Capstan Winch

Large Capstan Winch

Large capstan winch is kind of heavy duty winch.

  • It has large capacity, high efficiency, complete safety protection device, it can be used for anchoring large ship firmly or dragging heavy material.
  • According to power energy, it can be divided into two types, electric capstan winch and hydraulic capstan winch.

Aimix Group, a professional winch manufacturer in China, provides types of winches for sale, such as construction winch, like fast speed winch, low speed winch, friction winch and piling winch, such as marine winches, like electric cable winch, electric trailer winch, cable pulling winch, electric boat winch, cheap boat winch, drum winches for boats, horizontal anchor windlass, power boat anchor winch, double drum mooring winch, electric mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch.

All winches are designed and produced according to national standards and requirements.

Customers can choose suitable type for practical condition.

Large Capstan Winch
Large Capstan Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
Wire rope capacity: customized
Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
Driven type: hydraulic
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What to do before using large capstan winch?

  1. Check whether connecting parts and locking parts are complete.
  2. Check whether nut and pin are loose.
  3. Pay attention to tightening condition of foundation bolts and bearing fixed bolts.
  4. Check whether operating mechanism and driving link are flexible, the gap between brake pulley and brake shoe meets standard, and the distance of operating handle can’t exceed three quarters of the whole distance.
  5. Check safety protection devices to make sure good condition, such as coil protection device, over-speed protection device, over-currency protection device, under voltage protection device.

Safe tips during winch operation

  1. When starting the capstan, push control handle forward or backward, at the same time, release usual brake gradually.
  2. With acceleration of winch, push usual handle and control handle to position with largest value, never push it to extra position suddenly!
  3. Concentrate on the operation and don’t talk with others.
  4. Pay attention to the arrange and loose condition of wire rope, for any abnormal sound, smell, condition, stop winch and check the device timely.

Correct steps after using winch

  • Cut off the power, take a careful check.
  • For any problems, take measures to solve the problem, and make records seriously.
  • Keep winch tidy and add safe cover.

Features of Aicrane large capstan winch

1. Various types, different choices
2. Reliable quality, great performance
3. High safety, high efficiency
4. Durable material, terse structure
5. Easy operation, fast maintenance

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