Large Capacity Winch

Large capacity winch is kind of winch with powerful strength.

It has complete safety protection device, high efficiency, durable material, easy operation.

For using places, it can be divided into construction winch and marine winch.

For different functions, it include electric marine winch, marine hydraulic winch, offshore winches, electric cable winch, electric trailer winch, cable pulling winch, vessel winch, slipway winch, cheap boat winch, windlass boat winch, cheap anchor winch, drum anchor winch, electric capstan winch, electric capstan rope winch, double drum mooring winch, electric mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch and other types.

Aimix Group, a professional winch supplier, designs and produces all above winches according to national standards and related requirements.

Customers can choose suitable type for practical condition.

Large Capacity Winch
Large Capacity Winch

Loading capacity: 50t
Wire rope capacity: 20-5000 m
Working speed: 5-20 m/min
Power supply:220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase
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What are safe operation standards of large capacity winch?

First, the operator should get professional training and certificate. Experienced and strict operator can ensure safety.

Second, every time before using the large winch, check winch carefully. Check work includes work brake, emergency brake, coil protector, wire rope. Start the winch after making sure all parts good condition.

Third, start winch stably, accelerate gradually, decelerate slowly, stop winch correctly and stably.

Fourth, concentrate on operation and operate winch carefully, for any abnormal condition, stop to check immediately.

Fifth, pay attention to the change of current and voltage. For any abnormal change, stop winch timely.

Sixth, check weary condition of wire rope, for serious weariness, replace wire rope timely.

Seventh, for normal operation, work brake is suitable, for emergency, emergency brake is reliable.

Eighth, after using winch, maintain winch carefully, cut off power and make work records.

Why choose Aicrane high capacity winch?

1. Reasonable design, terse structure
2. Various types, suitable choice
3. Durable material, long service life
4. Strict standards, reliable quality
5. High safety, great performance
6. Affordable price, high efficiency
7. Multiple functions, wide application
8. Professional supplier, advanced technology

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