Hydraulic Tugger Winch For Sale

Hydraulic Tugger Winch

Hydraulic tugger winch is a kind of heavy duty marine winch, very suitable for heavy duty work.

  • It has powerful strength, complete safety protection device and high efficiency, and can reduce labor resource, save energy and improve safety level.
  • Except for hydraulic type, tugger winch has electric type. Electric tugger winch is suitable for light work.

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Hydraulic Tugger Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Tugger Winch

Load capacity: 16 ton – 300 ton
Drum capacity: 500m- 1500m
Speed: 4.5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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Why is lubrication important for tugger winch?

  1. Suitable and timely lubrication is important for marine winch.
  2. Good lubrication can absorb impact and vibration caused by gear transmission, reduce gear noise, avoid agglutination, bruise of gear surface and reduce weariness of gear surface.
  3. For relative sliding surface under pressure, it can be damaged soon under dry friction condition.
  4. It is essential to know knowledge about lubrication, pay attention to lubrication, use lubricating oil properly, lubricate winch according to standards.
  5. Many accidents are caused by improper lubrication.
  6. Suitable lubricating oil and proper lubricating way can ensure good lubrication for gear, protect gear and prolong service life.

What are influences of bearings?

  • On both ends of the winch motor rotor, reducer input and output, the drum, different types of bearings are needed.
  • Bearing types, bearing lubrication and clearance adjustment all can influence normal condition of winch, the level of noise.
  • The bearing of electric motor rotator determines whether electrical property can provide reliable and stable power.
  • Bearings of reducer and drum influence the meshing quality of transmitting gear.
  • For winch used for a period time, the bearing has weariness, this may lead clearance increase or bearing damage, and the noise becomes loud.
  • Adjust bearing clearance or replace bearing timely to avoid damage for other parts.

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