Lightweight Capstan Winch For Sale

Horizontal Anchor Windlass

Horizontal anchor windlass is a kind of marine winch, it is mainly used to fix ship.

  • This kind of marine windlass has competitive features, such as portable weight, tight structure, simple system, fast installation, easy maintenance, anti-corrosion material, long service life, convenient transport, innovative design and affordable price!
  • It mainly includes electric type and hydraulic type.

Aimix, a professional marine windlasses supplier in China, provides kinds of winches with good performance and ideal price! For example, electric cable winch, boat power winch, electric trailer winch, small boat winch, anchor rope winch, electric capstan winch, double drum mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch.

Whatever types customers want to buy, they can get great deal for suitable winch from us!

Horizontal Anchor Windlass For Sale
Horizontal Anchor Windlass

Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
Wire rope capacity: customized
Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
Driven type: electric, hydraulic
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What are operation and safety requirements of horizontal anchor windlass?

Before installing anchor windlass, it is important and necessary for customers to understand the operation and safety requirements of anchor winch.

  • First, the windlass is designed for casting and lifting anchors, don’t use the device for other purposes.
  • Second, before moving ship, always fasten the chain or rope preferably with a chain stopper.
  • Third, use a circuit breaker to protect the windlass motor and electrical cables.
  • Fourth, keep clear of the windlass when it is used, this can avoid personal injury.
  • Fifth, when the clutch handle is inserted in the cover of the gypsy, don’t operate the windlass by using the electrical power. Ensure that electric power of motor is shut off when working on the windlass. Remove the chain or rope from the gypsy or the rope from the drum carefully.
  • Sixth, pay attention to the lubrication. Make sure that the shaft, gear and motor are well lubricated with suitable marine grease before installing.

How to operate horizontal anchor windlass safely?

First, keep hands, feet, hair and clothing clear of the windlass and other loose gear when operates anchor winch.

Second, make sure nobody is swimming nearby when the anchor is being lowered or retrieved.

Third, keep hands clear of capstan, gypsy, chain and rope.

Fourth, the windlass should never be used for lifting people aloft.

Fifth, don’t use a windlass and a bollard for mooring, towing or being towed.

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