Great Heavy Duty Boat Winch

Heavy Duty Boat Winch

Heavy duty boat winch is kind of large marine winch.

  • It includes various types, electric marine winch, hydraulic marine winch, towing winch, mooring marine winch, anchor boat winch.
  • With high efficiency, durable material, reasonable design, it is widely used for anchoring ship, towing ship, mooring ship.
  • Heavy duty winch can save much energy and labor resource, increase working efficiency and improve condition.

Aimix, a professional winch supplier in China, provides kinds of winches, such as construction winch, like slow speed winch, fast speed winch, friction type winch, high speed piling winch, such as marine winches, like hydraulic towing winch, electric towing winch, constant tension mooring winches, double drum mooring winch, best electric boat anchor winch, power anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, cheap boat winch.

Customers can choose suitable type according to practical needs and requirements.

Great Heavy Duty Boat Winch
Great Heavy Duty Boat Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5-200 t
Wire rope capacity: 20-3600 m
Working speed: 5-20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply:220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase
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How to operate heavy duty boat winch safely?

  1. Before using the winch, check whether wire rope is firm, the connecting bolts are tighten, the winch is reliable.
  2. Check whether braking performance of brake parts is good and flexible, whether pin shaft is fastening.
  3. The wire rope can’t be twisted, and clean the obstacles to avoid accident.
  4. When using the winch, before starting the drum, release the brake on the drum and tighten the brake on big inner gear.
  5. With function of planetary winch, the drum rotate with wire rope at full speed.
  6. To make winch suspended temporarily during operation, just tighten the brake on big inner gear.
  7. When wire rope is under tighten condition, to avoid falling, hold on the brake firmly.
  8. For any problems, such as abnormal sound, the rotating is not flexible, the temperature of drum, brake and shaft increase, stop work, check winch and exclude reasons timely.

Purchase Aicrane heavy duty marine winch

1. Reliable quality, affordable price
2. Durable material, long service life
3. Reasonable design, professional manufacturer
4. Advanced technology, strict standards
5. Complete safety device, high safety
6. Great performance, easy operation

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