Electric Mooring Winch for Sale

Electric Trailer Winch

Electric trailer winch is used for towing ship.

  • It has compact structure, small size, and powerful force.
  • Trailer winch can increase efficiency and improve working condition.
  • With simple system, it is very easy to maintain.
  • With anti-corrosion material, it can be used on the ship or offshore.
  • With strict producing standards, it has long service life.
  • With complete safety protection device, it can protect the winch and operator from damage.

Aimix, a professional marine winch supplier in China, provides types of marine windlass for sale, such as cheap anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, drum anchor winch for sale, electric anchor winch, hydraulic anchor winch, and electric capstan rope winch, double drum marine winch, barge winch, etc.

All Aicrane high quality winches are designed and produced according to national standards and related requirement.

Customers can purchase the most suitable type from Aimix!

Electric Trailer Winch
Electric Trailer Winch

Load capacity: 10 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 200m- 2000m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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The analysis of winch common problems

First, the brake shoe wearies by accident. The brake device is used too frequently; the gap of brake shoe is too small; brake device can’t release even. Check the condition of electric brake device, speed limiter, whether the worker operates the marine winch right, check the loading speed and braking frequency; adjust the brake shoe gap; check oil pressure and pipe line.

Second, hydraulic station doesn’t work well. The oil is not clean, or station works for long time. Clean up the solenoid valve, replace the hydraulic oil, and enhance heat dissipation.

Third, the bearing produces heat. Bearing gap is not even or damaged; lubrication is not enough or not clean. Adjust the gap or replace, increase the oil or replace the oil.

Fourth, reducer has noise or serious vibration. Bearing gap is too wide, gear weariness is serious, lubrication is not good, and the winch works with overload and over-speed, reducer bolts are loose, something drops in reducer, which damages the gear surface and gear shape. Adjust the gap or replace, replace the gear wheel, replace suitable lubrication according to the requirement; use the winch according to the rules, clean up the reducer, repair the deformed gear wheel.

Fifth, reducer has leakage. The oil is too much, joint bolt, fastening bolt are not pressed tightly; seal element is damaged. Check the fastening, replace seal element.

Sixth, the drum has abnormal sound. Connecting element is loose or broken, it produces relative vibration. Welded line is cracked and deformed, drum wood is damaged, partial pressure is too much, and connecting element is loose or broken. Take welding repair, reduce load and reinforce the drum, replace the drum wood, reinforce the inner part of the drum.

Aicrane reliable electric trailer winch for sale

1. Top quality, long service term
2. Reasonable design, compact structure
3. Portable weight, convenient use
4. Fast installation, simple operation
5. Advanced technology, professional skills

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