Electric Towing Winch For Sale

Electric Towing Winch

Electric towing winch is mainly used for dragging ship.

  • Towing winch is placed on the ship for dragging another ship.
  • Thus towing winch has powerful strength.
  • Electric towing ship is suitable for small ship.
  • Except for electric type, towing winch has hydraulic type.
  • Hydraulic towing winch has strong dragging force, perfect choice for dragging large ship.
  • Both electric style and hydraulic style have anticorrosion material, thus they can be used in wet environment, such as wave, rain and snow.

Aimix, a well-known and professional marine winch manufacturer in China, provides types of top quality marine windlasses, such as marine anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, hydraulic anchor winch, power anchor winch, power boat anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, boat capstan winch, double drum mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch, anchor handling towing winch and other styles.

Customers can purchase suitable type according to specific needs.

Electric Towing Winch For Sale
Electric Towing Winch

Load capacity: 10 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 500m- 2000m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: double
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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Why choose electric towing winch?

Towing winch has wide application, because it has many advantages. It can save energy, reduce labor resource, cut winch cost, increase efficiency, prolong service life and improve working condition.

  • For weight, electric winch is much lighter than hydraulic winch. It is convenient to carry with electric winch from one place from another place. It is also easy to install.
  • For size, electric type winch has tiny size and terse structure. It is simple and fast to maintain. Small size takes little area. Hydraulic type winch is large than electrical winch. For dragging small ship, electric towing winch with small size is wonderful choice! With tight structure, simple system, electrical winch is easy to maintain and check.
  • For price, electric windlass has affordable price. It is cost-effective, reliable performance and competitive price, ideal choice for small ship and light work. It can save much winch cost.

Purchase Aicrane electric towing winches for sale

1. Innovative design, practical function
2. Reliable quality, factory price
3. Durable material, long using term
4. Simple system, easy installation
5. Tight structure, simple maintenance
6. Advanced technology, professional skills

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