Electric Planetary Winch For Sale

Electric Planetary Winch

Electric planetary winch is a kind of new type winch that adopts planetary transmission.

Planetary gear electric winch is widely used for lifting and installing in different fields, construction, wharf, bridge and metallurgy.

It has many advantages, compact structure, stable working, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low noise and long service life.

Aimix Group, a professional winches manufacturer in China, produces planetary winch according to constructing elevator safe rules and national industry standards, hoist safe technical specification requirements.

Besides electrical planetary winches, our company also supplies other kinds of winch, such as hydraulic towing winch, electric towing winch, constant tension mooring winches, warping capstan, electric capstan rope winch, hydraulic boat anchor, electric anchor winches for small boats, good windlass for sale, hydraulic anchor windlass, drum anchor winch for sale, horizontal anchor windlass, cheap boat winch, electric cable winch etc.

We design and produce all these winches according to national standards and requirements strictly.

Buy Aicrane types of construction winches and marine winches for great performance and affordable price!

Electric Planetary Winch For Sale
Electric Planetary Winch

Load capacity: 0.5ton – 2ton
Rope capacity: 100 m
Rope diameter: 9.3mm
Motor power: 3 kw
Customized service is avaliable
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How does electric planetary winch work?

  • Planetary gear shaft is connected with the drum, thus the drum is driven to rotate, and the drum drives the wire rope to rotate, the material is dragged or lifted.
  • When stopping, press brake handle and release start handle, big internal gear has free idling, and it can’t drive planetary gear revolute.
  • Thus the drum doesn’t rotate again, it is fixed by braking band.
  • When operating this winch, start handle and brake handle should be operated at the same time, namely pressing start handle as well as releasing brake handle.
  • When planetary winch is used for drawing work in the mine roadway, it is necessary to adopt electric device with convenience, which is scheduling winch.
  • When the winch is applied for drawing and lifting duty in construction site, explosion-proof motor is not necessary, this is called ground winch.

Why choose Aicrane planetary winch?

1. Innovative design, multiple functions
2. High universality, wide application
3. Professional supplier, advanced technology
4. Tight structure, easy maintenance
5. High efficiency, good performance
6. Low noise, low accident rate, low cost

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