Electric Marine Winch For Sale

Electric Marine Winch

Electric marine winch is a light and small lifting equipment. It can lift or drag material through wire rope or chain by drum. It is also called electric windlass.

  • Marine electric winch can be used alone, it can be also applied as part of equipment for lifting, road construction and mine.
  • This kind of winch has many advantages, such as simple operation, large amount of rope, convenient displacement and wide application.
  • It is widely used for loading, unloading and dragging material in construction site, water conservancy, forestry, mining and port.

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Electric Marine Winch For Sale
Electric Marine Winch

Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
Rope capacity: 100-1500m
Drum: single or double
Working speed: 9 -15 m/min
Driven type: electric
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How does electric marine winch work?

  1. It is mainly applied for places with frequent and heavy lifting and powerful traction.
  2. For electric winch with single drum, its electric motor drives drum through reducer.
  3. Brake is installed between electric motor, reducer’s input shaft.
  4. To meet requirement of lifting, dragging and rotating work, there are also winch with double drum or multi-drum.
  5. For lifting capacity less than 10 ton, the marine winch can be designed as electric type.

Wide application of electrical marine winch

This type of winch has following features, high versatility, compact structure, small size, light weight, large lifting capacity, and convenient displacement.

It is used for building, mining, port, and the corollary equipment of modern electronic control automatic production line.

This kind of winch mainly includes electric wire rope winch and electric chain marine winch.

It has two functions, lifting and transporting.

As a lifting equipment, it is used as mine lifting, sinking suspending lifting and drilling lifting, namely lifting minerals and waste stone, lifting personnel, lowering material, tools and equipment.

As for transporting equipment, it is used for scheduling transportation car, filling and removing columns.

Pay attention to the test run of marine winch

  • After the winch is installed and checked with good condition, do the lubrication for every lubricating part, then take the no-load test run.
  • After rotating, take load test run, add tons to the rated load gradually.
  • Under standard voltage, electric current is less than rated value, electric motor, reducer and other parts are not hot.
  • Test run is very important for winch.
  • It can test the condition and obstacles of the equipment.
  • If the winch has problems, maintain it timely.
  • Test-run can protect marine winch from damage and prolong service life.

Aicrane high quality electrical marine winch for sale

1. Reasonable design, compact system
2. Simple structure, easy maintenance
3. Fast installation, convenient transport
4. Advanced producing technology, reliable quality
5. Anti-corrosion material, long service life

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