Electric Cable Winch For Sale

Electric Cable Winch

Electric cable winch is a good choice for anchoring, mooring and towing ship. It has compact structure, light weight, very fast to install, convenient to carry from one place to another place. The cable is not ordinary, it is very durable and powerful. With high efficiency, simple operation, this kind of marine winch has wide application.

Aimix, a famous marine windlass supplier in China, provides types of marine winches for sale, such as cheap electric winch, hydraulic towing winch, portable vertical capstan winch, small horizontal capstan windlass.

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Electric Cable Winch For Sale
Electric Cable Winch

Dia of anchor rope: ø12mm – ø120mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
No. of drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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What’s the function of rope guider?

Rope guider is necessary device for electric cable winch. If the cable is not arranged in order, it leads the following conditions, the cable is pressed on other cables, and the cables are in mess, the wire rope squeezes each other seriously. This can delay the schedule. If arrange the cable by hands, it also wastes much energy and time and may cause accidents. A roe guider can solve all above problems. It can ensure rope arrangement tidy and compact, eliminate safety risk, avoid mess cable condition, increase safety, improve efficiency and decrease failure rate.

Rope guider has no power resource, it is automatic. It can adapt to straight, lateral and other different installation conditions. It has independent system and can be installed separately, thus it doesn’t need much transform for electric cable winch. This device has simple structure and small size. Rope rotating is standard and reliable. It is convenient to install and maintain.

Pay attention to usual failures of electric cable winch

First, the gear is broken. There is metal material among gears; sudden heavy impact with overload or many times heavy impact with overload; the material is not durable and has fatigue condition.

Second, the gear wearies too fast and serious. The assembly and meshing condition are not good; the lubrication is not suitable; processing precision doesn’t meet the standards; the winch machine is overload or the material doesn’t have high quality; the marine winch has metal fatigue.

Third, push the start button, electric motor doesn’t work. The power supply has problems, such as blackout, loss of phase, electric motor or circuit has line grounding fault, supply voltage is too low; stop button doesn’t recover; starter has inner faults; operating cable is broken; electric motor is burned out.

Fourth, push the stop button, electric motor doesn’t stop. The operating button is not effective or is too wet; operating circuit has short circuit or line-grounding; the main contacting point or auxiliary contacting point of magnetic starter burns out and adhere together; arc suppression cover is stuck with contacting point; contacting points of intermediate relay device continuous.

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