Top Electric Boat Winch For Sale

Electric Boat Winch

Electric boat winch is great choice for anchoring, towing, mooring ship or lifting and dragging material. Boat electric winch has various types, such as electric cable winch, boat power winch, electric trailer winch, marine drum winch, small boat winch, drum winches for boats, small anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, best electric anchor winch, good anchor windlass, small boat anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, boat capstan winch, electric mooring winch and other types.

Customers can choose suitable marine winch based on specific needs and requirement.

Aimix group, a reliable marine windlass manufacturer in China, provides types of marine winches with top quality and affordable price.

Aicrane winches have wide application and high praise, first choice for buying cost-effective winch!

Top Electric Boat Winch For Sale
Top Electric Boat Winch For Sale

Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
Rope capacity: 100-1500m
Drum: single or double
Working speed: 9 -15 m/min
Driven type: electric
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Take measures to solve problems of electric boat winches

First, push start-button, the winch doesn’t work. Power supply has obstacles, such as power failure, phase loss, motor or line grounding, or grounding protection has power failure, power supply voltage is too low. Stop-button doesn’t recover original position. Starter has obstacles inner parts. Operating cable is broken. Check the power supply. If other electrical equipment of this machine power cable can’t start, the power supply must has failure. Report timely and ask for sending power. Then check the button, put the switch handle on the black out position, and disassemble the button to check. Never damage explosion-proof feature during maintenance. For other conditions, it is necessary to invite professional electrician to check and deal with.

Second, push stop-button, electric motor doesn’t stop. The operating button is ineffective or too damp. Operating line is short circuit, or line grounding. Main connecting point or auxiliary connecting point of magnetic starter is burned and adhered. Arc suppression cover stuck connecting point, the connecting point of middle replay is not broken off. Magnetic starter is not put on the right place. Place the magnetic starter on the right place, put the operating handle of magnetic starter on the stop-position.

Third, disc brake device doesn’t release. The length adjustment of brake operating handle is not proper. The swing angle of brake operating handle is not suitable. Throttle orifice of overflow valve is stuck or slide valve is stuck or ineffective. Overflow valve is not sealed, or electric hydraulic regulating device has leakage. Action ring leading cable of electric hydraulic regulating device is not welded firmly or is broken.

Aicrane top electric boat winch for sale

1. Reasonable design, various types
2. Complete safety protection device
3. High safety, low failure rate
4. Compact structure, simple system
5. Portable weight, convenient transport
6. Fast installation, easy maintenance
7. Anti-corrosion feature, durable material
8. Perfect after-sale service, professional skills

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