Electric Anchor Winch For Sale

Electric Anchor Winch For Sale

Electric anchor winch for sale is a kind of small marine winch, a great choice for fixing ship. It has tiny size, compact structure, light weight, durable material and high efficiency. Electric anchor winch is suitable for light and frequent work, it can increase efficiency, improve condition and save energy.

Aimix, a reliable marine winch manufacturer in China, provides types of top quality winches for sale, such as electric towing winch, mooring winch for ships, electric capstan rope winch, power boat anchor winch, hydraulic anchor winch, drum anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, cheap anchor winch and other types.

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Electric Anchor Winch For Sale
Electric Anchor Winch

Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
No. of gypsy: single or double
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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How to prolong service life of anchor chain?

  • First, the tightness of anchor chain should be suitable, too tight chain can increase power consume, bearing shaft becomes wearied easily; too loose chain takes off the chain and beats easily.
  • Second, if the chain is too long, or the chain extends after using, it is difficult to adjust the chain. Just remove some links with even number. The link should be through from back of chain, insert the locking plate outside, the opening of locking plate should towards the opposite direction of rotation.
  • Third, anchor chain get wearied seriously, just change both new sprocket and new chain, it can ensure good meshing. Not just change new sprocket or new chain.
  • Fourth, new chain can’t be used together with new chain, or it can produce impact during transmission and make chain broken.

How to do daily check work and maintenance of anchor winch?

  1. First, uses left anchor and right anchor by turns, this can make even weariness of anchor chain. Every time before lifting anchor, washing anchor and anchor chain.
  2. Second, check and maintain the weariness of anchor shackle and lateral pin. Check whether lateral pin is loose. Check whether flukes are bend, every time after lifting anchor, check whether flukes hook the clutter.
  3. Third, when lifting anchor during the pay, check anchor chain and signal, keep signal clean and clear. Check whether shackles have crack and deformation, check the weary degree. Check whether swivel are flexible.
  4. Fourth, every time before using anchor, just rotate without load and have a test. Check the reliability of brake and clutch, check working condition and lubrication. Check and replace the oil in the reducer box regularly, and keep it clean. Make lubrication for chain stopper and sprocket. When lifting the anchor, don’t force to lift it, match with rudder if necessary. When dropping anchor in deep water, use anchor winch to veer away the chain, this can avoid beating anchor or breaking off the chain. After dropping and lifting anchor, ensure good condition of chain stopper.

Aicrane electric anchor winch for sale

1. Various types, multiple choices
2. Good appearance, innovative design
3. Simple structure, terse system
4. Fast installation, easy operation
5. Portable weight, convenient use
6. Durable material, anti-corrosion feature

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