Drum Anchor Winch For Sale

Drum Anchor Winch

Drum anchor winch is an important device for ship. It is mainly used for fixing ship.

  • According to drum, it can be divided into two types, single drum anchor winch and double drum anchor winch. Double drum is more powerful than single drum, single drum is lighter and more convenient to transport from one place to another place.
  • According to power energy, it mainly includes electric anchor winch and hydraulic drum anchor winch. For light work, electric winch is good choice, for heavy work, hydraulic winch is more suitable.

Aimix, a famous boat winches supplier in China, supplies top drum winches with factory price! Other types of winches, such as hydraulic towing winch, electric towing winch, and double drum mooring winch, constant tension mooring winches, electric capstan rope winch, and small anchor winch are all available and can be customized.

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Drum Anchor Winch For Sale
Drum Anchor Winch

Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
No. of drum: double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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How to maintain anchor chain properly?

First, chain sprocket installed on the shaft shouldn’t have skew or swing. Two sprockets of the same transmission components should be at the same level. Center distance of chain sprocket should be less than 0.5m, 1mm error is available; when center distance of chain sprocket is over 0.5m, 2mm error is ok. Rubbing sprocket side is not permitted, offset of two sprockets is too large, and this can accelerate weariness and make chain taken off. When replacing chain sprocket, pay attention to checking and adjusting the offset.

Second, the tightness of anchor chain should be suitable. Too tight chain can increase power consume, and bearing shaft becomes wearied easily, too loose condition can make chain beat and take off. The suitable degree of tightness should be that lifting or pressing in the middle of anchor chain, center distance of two sprockets is about 2%-3%.

Third, new chain is too long, or the chain extends after using for some time, under these conditions, anchor chain is difficult to adjust. Just remove some even links according to condition. Anchor chain link should be through from the back of chain. Lock plate is outside. The opening of lock piece should towards the opposite direction of rotation.

Fourth, sprocket wearies seriously, just replace new sprocket and new chain to ensure good meshing, and not just replace new chain or new sprocket. Bad meshing can accelerate weariness of new chain or new sprocket. When the weariness of sprocket surface approaches some degree, turn over to use timely. This can prolong service life.

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