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Deck winch is necessary equipment for anchoring, mooring and towing ship. Deck winches mainly include anchor winch and capstan winch. They are both used on the deck to anchor and moor the boat. Deck machinery has two types, electric marine winch and hydraulic marine winch. If the lifting capacity is below 10t, electric type is good choice, the lifting tons is more than 10t, power hydraulic marine windlass is better. These two types of winch has anti-corrosion material, because deck winch is used under rainy and wet environment. The features of anti-rain, anti-snow are important.

Aimix Group, one of reliable marine windlass manufacturers in China, supplies kinds of coastal marine winch for sale, such as drum winches for boats, small boat windlass, horizontal anchor windlass, drum anchor winch for sale, best anchor windlass, best electric boat anchor winch, warping capstan, boat capstan winch, anchor mooring winch, towing winches.

Customers can purchase suitable type according to different requirement and working conditions.

Deck Winch Manufacturer
Deck Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1 ton – 200 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1500m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Drive type: electric, hydraulic or diesel
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How to find reasons for deck winch common faults?

It is issue to find the reasons for marine winch common faults, this can help avoid damage and prolong winch service life. The followings are about specific reasons for usual problems.

  • First, the drum has abnormal sound. The bolts of drum body is loose; the clearance between drum and flange is too large, there is crack on the drum body, the drum shell is not welded firmly and opens; the fixed bolts of winding drum and liner are loose, this leads relative sliding between winding drum and liner; Clearance weariness of liner and main shaft is too serious; worm gear screw type clutch becomes loose.
  • Second, the wire rope is not arranged on the drum in order. The drum is not placed properly, namely the drift angle of lifting wire rope doesn’t conform to regulations; there is burr on the gear of inner and outside gear wheel.
  • Third, the gear has noise or strong vibration. The assemble meshing clearance is not qualified; the gear processing precession is not enough or the gear shape is wrong; the axis of two gears are not parallel, skew or not vertical, the connection is not good; shaft clearance is wide; gear weariness exceeds the standards; the lubrication is bad; key connection is loose.

Maintenance and repair for a boat winch deck

Any time that you are looking to get the absolute most out of your boat and the way that it operates, you’ll need to get a greater handle on the parts that make it go. One of the most important parts of the boat that you will need to keep in mind is the deck winch. This is a type of part that allows you to add tension to the cables on the boat, so that you are able to lift many tons of weight. To learn more about this type of winch and to keep it in the best condition through maintenance, read on:

#1: Open it up and become familiar with parts and components

When you purchase one of these parts, the most critical thing to do is to open it up and become familiar with it. These wenches come equipped with a host of different moving parts, including nuts, bolts and mechanical systems. The more familiar you become with them, the better you will be able to apply some hands-on maintenance yourself whenever such a situation arrives.

#2: Keep your fluids changed properly

In most situations, these ballparks use a number of fluids to lubricate the systems and prevent them from overheating. Because of this, you need to be certain that you do all you can to keep these fluids at their best. When you keep these parts at their best, you will not have anything to worry about, and won’t have to leave your fluid subject to burning out for becoming too dry to give you the proper amount of viscosity required. These components are responsible for holding heavy loads of weight, so you need to always have the best fluids for your engine, transmission and other moving parts that are responsible for such processes. In addition to the fluid maintenance, you can also receive tuneups that will change out your engine wires and other components.

#3: Buy a maintenance plan

You should also touch base with a repair company that can assist you with the help that you need. There are some maintenance plans that you can buy which will give you preventative maintenance for the boat instead of only worrying about getting repairs after the fact. This is a sound investment to keep your boat winch in the best condition.

So with these tips, you will be able to get the help that you need for your boat winch to properly serve you. There are a variety of boat winch types that you can shop between, from manual and mechanical boat winches to those that are completely electronically powered. Regardless of what sort of help and service you need, our company will be glad to look out for you. We can help to sell you many different brands and models of winches and will also sell you a variety of maintenance plans that will be useful to allowing you to keep your boat in the best condition and at its most useful.

Buy Aicrane top quality deck winch for sale

1. Practical functions, good performance
2. Durable material, long service term
3. Power lifting capacity, high efficiency
4. Customized service, various types
5. Factory price, wide application
6. Portable weight, convenient use

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