Constant Tension Winch for Sale

Constant Tension Winch

Constant tension winch is functional equipment for lifting and dragging material or anchoring ship. This kind of winch has light weight, small size, compact structure, complete safety device. It is easy to install, convenient to operate, simple to maintain.

Aimix Group, a famous and professional winch manufacturer in China, supplies types of marine winches for sale, such as marine drum winch, slipway winch, spooling winch, port winch, cheap boat winch, best electric boat anchor winch, electric capstan winch, double drum mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch etc.

The company also provides customized service so that customers can choose the most suitable winch!

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Constant Tension Winch for Sale
Constant Tension Winch

Load capacity: 20 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
Speed: ≤15m/min
No. of drum: double
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How to solve common problems of constant tension winch?

First, the brake doesn’t release. It mainly has two reasons, it doesn’t has hydraulic pressure or the hydraulic pressure is not enough. The sea of brake is damaged. Check the hydraulic station or replace the seal ring.

Second, the brake release and brake are slow. This condition has many reasons, hydraulic system has air, valve is not on the right place, or it has oil pollution. The clearance of brake shoe is too wide, the oil is too thin, or the oil leakage is too much, the seal ring is damaged. Bleeding at the highest point during the process of braking, check and clean the valve system, adjust the clearance, replace the oil, check and maintain hydraulic system, replace the seal ring.

Third, the brake device can’t break. Hydraulic pressure and pipeline have problems, brake device is damaged, and lining plate with cylinder is stuck in the drum. Check and clean hydraulic pressure station, check brake device and repair it.

Fourth, braking time or braking sliding distance is too long, braking force is not powerful. It is overload or over-speed, the gap of brake shoe is too large, there is oil paint on the brake disc and brake shoe. All brake devices doesn’t act. Spring group have problems, seal ring is wearied seriously. Check whether it is overload or over-speed. Adjust the gap, clean the brake disc with trichloroethylene, and replace brake shoe with oil paint. Check hydraulic station, replace disc spring set, replace all seal ring and check seal surface.

Fifth, the weariness of brake shoe is not even. Brake device adjustment is not even, brake disc swing is too large, string or main shaft inclines seriously. Check the technic requirement of installation, check the inclining degree of main shaft and bearing shaft.

Aicrane top quality constant tension winch for sale

1. Advanced technology, professional skills
2. Durable material, anti-corrosion, anti-rain
3. Strict standards, long service life
4. Reasonable design, compact structure
5. Convenient use, wide application

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