Coastal Marine Equipment for Sale

Coastal Marine Equipment

Coastal marine equipment has various types, it mainly includes electric marine winch, hydraulic marine winch, electric trailer winch, cheap boat winch, small anchor winch, automatic anchor winch, horizontal anchor winch, drum anchor winch for sale, best electric anchor winch for sale, hydraulic anchor winch, power boat anchor winch, electric capstan winch, electric capstan rope winch, vertical anchor windlass, horizontal windlass double drum mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch, electric mooring winch, tugger winch and towing winch.

Aimix, a professional winch manufacturer, provides all above winches with reliable quality and affordable price. All those marine winches can be customized according to specific needs.

Coastal Marine Equipment for Sale
Coastal Marine Equipment

Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 3000m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
Control mode: near control, remote control
Drive type: electric
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Types of coastal marine equipment

It mainly has four types, anchor winch, capstan winch, mooring winch and towing winch.

Anchor winch mainly includes electric anchor winch and hydraulic anchor winch. This kind of winch has small size, compact structure and portable weight. It is convenient to transport it from one place to another place. It is easy and fast to install and disassembly. This winch is used for anchoring the ship and boats.

For capstan winch, it has horizontal type and vertical type. This winch is used on the deck or offshore to anchor or moor the ship. It is kind of portable and small winch with lifting tons from 5t to 10t. It has three different speeds, single speed, double-speed and three-speed. It includes electric capstan winch and hydraulic capstan winch.

Mooring winch is kind of winch that used for mooring ships. The ship docks at the shore, it needs the winch to ensure stable anchor. Thus mooring winch is usually installed off the shore. It has similar shape with towing winch. It mainly includes electric mooring winch and hydraulic mooring winch.

Towing winch is used for towing ship. The towing winch is installed on one ship, and can drag another ship. Compared with other coastal marine equipment, this kind of winch has large dragging power from 10t to 200t. It has two types, electric towing winch and hydraulic towing winch.

Usual problems and solutions of coastal marine equipment

  1. First is safety circuit section. The first replay device PCA after the operating table is inner safety circuit replay device, it includes many protection functions, such as internal overwind, over speed, wrong direction, broken shaft, over pressure. Before protections act, PCA is connected, safety circuit indicator lights, hydraulic station starts, choosing the direction, then the coastal marine winch starts work.
  2. Second, check whether encoder connection sleeve is broken, replace it timely. Daily check and maintenance work is very important for winch, it can help find problems timely. Take measures and repair the machine, this can help avoid damage or accident and prolong the service life of marine equipment.
  3. Third is about hydraulic station. Electric current is ok, but no pressure or the pressure is too small, maybe proportional valve is blocked. Open three layer of valve, blow all the oil holes with high pressure oxygen, the hydraulic station can turn to good condition.

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