Cheap Anchor Winch Manufacturer

Cheap Anchor Winch

Cheap anchor winch with good performance is a suitable choice for many customer. It has many advantages, such as compact structure, light weight, convenient use, reliable quality and affordable price.

Cheap marine windlass has various types, such as hydraulic boat winch, drum winches for boats, horizontal anchor windlass, best electric anchor winch, power anchor winch, small boat anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, warping capstan, boat capstan winch, hydraulic mooring winch, electric mooring winch and towing winch.

Customers can choose suitable winch type according to practical needs.

Aimix, a professional marine windlass manufacturer in China, provides reliable anchor winch with factory price.

All Aicrane winches are designed and produced according to national standards strictly.

Buy Aicrane winches for higher efficiency, lower price and fewer failures!

Cheap Anchor Winch Manufacturer
Cheap Anchor Winch For Sale

Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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The standards of cheap anchor winch

Cheap anchor winch with high quality should meet following requirements.

  1. First, the anchor must be powerful, the anchor chain has enough length, and this can ensure fixing the ship firmly, even if strong wind can’t move the ship.
  2. Second, it can drop anchor immediately, when the ship is in trouble, the anchor can be used for emergency brake.
  3. Third, it can lift the anchor chain quickly, the ship can turn into sailing state from fixed anchoring state. And this can deal with accidents and help from wrecked ship.
  4. Fourth, the anchor can be collected firmly on the ship when sailing, even the ship sways in the wind and waves, it won’t slip off easily.

The main function of marine anchor winch

  • First, it can fix the ship.
  • Second, when pushing offshore anchor, it can control bow oscillation and traverse speed of the ship.
  • Third, when the ship turns around, drop the anchor and let the anchor lead the ship, and this can help ship rotation and carry straight bow, avoid turning around.
  • Fourth, drop “dragging anchor” or “backing anchor” can control the forward speed of ship or emergency brake.
  • Fifth, anchoring in the stream, drop “upstream anchor” can reduce the load.
  • Sixth, when the ship is stranded, drop the stream anchor from suitable place, and this can fix ship position or pull off shallow.

The effect of winch components

Anchor winch is mainly composed of anchor, anchor chain, hawse pipe, chain stopper, anchor gear, anchor chain pipe, chain locker and cable releaser.

Anchor has grabbing force.

Anchor chain can connect the anchor and ship, hold the force of anchor. Undercover and dangling anchor chain can produce mooring force.

Hawse pipe is composed of check chain hole, the side chain hole and cylinder. It is the channel of anchor chain import and anchor stem. The cylinder is equipped with flushing device, deck chain hole is equipped with wave-proof cover, the side chain hole is designed as anchor hole that can collect anchor head and anchor fluke.

Chain stopper is used for braking the anchor chain tightly, transmitting the dragging power of anchor chain to the ship, protect the anchor winch from power. It can be used for clipping the anchor chain when sailing and avoid anchor chain slipping out. Usual chain stopper includes screw type, guillotine type and chain hook type.

Anchor machine is kind of mechanical device used for dropping and weighing anchor, it also can be used for warping.

Anchor chain pipe is the import channel of chain locker. Deck nozzle of anchor chain pipe is equipped with waterproof cover. Close the cover to avoid the water flow into the chain locker.

Chain locker is used for collecting anchor chain, it is designed before anti-collision wall, under anchor windlass.

Cable releaser is kind of device that can make anchor chain end separate from ship, usual cable releaser includes decoupling, decoupling link and releasing gear.

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