Best Electric Boat Anchor Winch For Sale

Best Electric Boat Anchor Winch

Best electric boat anchor winch mainly refers to cost-effective winch, it can save labor resource, energy and cost, decrease failure rate, increase efficiency and improve working condition. Electric anchor winches have portable weight, anti-corrosion material, affordable price, great performance and long service life. Except for electric type, the winch has hydraulic type.

Electric anchor windlass is mainly used for light work, especially for small ship, whereas the hydraulic winch has powerful strength, is perfect for heavy work, such as fixing large ship.

Aimix, a professional marine winch supplier in China, provides types of marine windlasses for sale, such as marine electric winch, hydraulic windlass marine, deck winches, sailing winches, boat winches for sale, small boat winches, marine anchor windlass, hydraulic anchor windlass, electric capstan rope winch, horizontal winch, boat capstan winch, anchor mooring winch, double drum mooring winch, electric towing winch etc.

Customers can purchase the most suitable type according to practical needs and requirements.

Best Electric Boat Anchor Winch For Sale
Best Electric Boat Anchor Winch For Sale

Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
No. of drum: single
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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Specific functions of best electric boat anchor winch parts

  • First, the anchor has grabbing force.
  • Second, anchor chain has functions as connecting anchor and ship, transmitting anchor’s grabbing force. Horizontal anchor chain or suspended anchor chain can produce mooring force.
  • Third, anchor chain drum is the import way of anchor chain and mainly used for collecting anchor shaft. It mainly includes three parts, deck chain hole, gunwale chain hole and drum. Flushing device is installed in the drum, anti-wave cover is set besides deck chain hole, and gunwale chain hole is designed for collecting anchor head and anchor flukes.
  • Fourth, chain stopper is used to brake and tighten anchor chain for docking, it can transmit the dragging force from anchor to ship, protect anchor from force and ensure the safety of anchor winch. When ship is sailing, chain stopper can clip the chain and prevent chain from slipping out. Usual chain stopper includes screw type, guillotine type and chain hook type.
  • Fifth, anchor device is kind of mechanical device used for casting and lifting anchor. It also has warping function.
  • Sixth, anchor chain pipe is the channel for anchor chain coming in and out through chain locker.

Aicrane electric anchor windlass for small boats

1. Brand new, latest type
2. Multiple choice, customized service
3. Portable weight, convenient use
4. Durable material, long service life
5. Reliable quality, reasonable price

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