Barging Winch

Barging winch is kind of portable winch. It has small size, lightweight and simple system. It is divided into two types, electric barging winch and hydraulic barging winch. The former type is suitable for lifting or dragging capacity under 10 ton, the former is used for lifting and dragging more than 10 ton.

Aimix, a reliable marine winch manufacturer in China, supplies types of marine windlasses for sale, such as marine anchor winch, horizontal anchor windlass, drum anchor winch, power anchor winch, electric boat anchor winch, electric capstan rope winch, double drum mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch and electric towing winch.

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Barging Winch Supplier
Barging Winch For Sale

Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
Drum capacity: 100m- 1500m
Speed: 5m/min – 20 m/min
No. of drum: single or double
Power mode: electric
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Why choose barging winch?

  • First, it has good speed regulating performance that can match with direct current electric windlass.
  • Second, it adopts low speed high torque hydraulic motor, it has low speed and high output torque, large mechanical reducer isn’t needed. It can drive cable lifter directly.
  • Third, hydraulic transmission has the features of automatic braking and reliable security.
  • Fourth, it has compact structure, portable weight and tiny size.
  • Fifth, it is convenient to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Sixth, it is easy to become automatic.

Daily check work of barging winches

  1. First, brake shoe is fixed firmly. When the weariness is the one third of original thickness, replace it immediately.
  2. Second, check whether the brake shoe gap is suitable, it must be less than 2mm.
  3. Third, check the condition of every hinge pin, whether it lacks element or oil, whether it is flexible.
  4. Fourth, check whether the oil pump can work flexibly, whether the oil pressure meets the standards.
  5. Fifth, check whether the valve of hydraulic station is smooth, the oil amount is suitable.
  6. Sixth, check whether the arrangement of wire rope is in order.
  7. Seventh, check the meshing and lubricating condition of reducer gear.
  8. Eighth, check whether every part has leakage.
  9. Ninth, check the condition of electrical equipment, whether it has failure.

What’s the features of rope guider?

Rope guider is composed of guiding nut, guiding board, connecting strip. It can arrange the wire rope in order, this can ensure good working condition and safety, reduce failure rate and improve efficiency. It has creative design, simple structure, convenient installation, fast maintenance, long service life, low failure rate, many practical functions. Some parts adopt high strength plastic material with toughness and elasticity. This can reduce the weariness of wire rope.

Choosing and finding a quality barging winch

For those who want to get a new marine winch, you will want to know what it takes to choose one. You don’t just go ahead and say that you want a barge winch, and that is it. You have to be meticulous and know that a bit of research is going to be needed on your end. This is the only way for you to make sure the purchase is good and that you are fine with the options being presented to you.

Here is more on what you need to do when it comes to choosing a new barge winch and how to find one.

1.Quality comes first

This is the motto you need when getting a barge winch. You want to make sure the quality is there. When you have a machine that runs well and looks great, you can alleviate some of the concerns that were racing in the back of your mind.

You can push them away and know you have found a great fit that will work well for you as a winch.

When you are choosing an option, you have to begin at this point and then move forward with any purchase that you are making.

2.Fulfill needs

What are your needs? Have you thought about that? Too many people get lost in the fact they want the best, and that is all they could care about. It is nice to have that passion, and everyone should be thinking along those lines, but you want to fulfill your needs as well.

You want to be confident about what you are thinking about getting. Only when you do this will you be happy with the results.

Those who never fulfill their needs are going to struggle.

3.Ask people and read reviews online

It is not the barge winch that you have to fret about. You need to think about the barge winch suppliers that are out and about. If you are not able to trust the suppliers, how are you going to get a good fit? You will never be able to enjoy the winch equipment when you are not certain about who you have bought it from.

Too many buyers are now thinking about the products alone, and that is not smart. You want to know who the supplier is and how reputable they are.

This is how you go ahead and choose the best barge winch on the market. Finding it is not hard as long as you are committed to the task and know what you want from the barge winch when it has been purchased. There was a time when people didn’t care about the barge winch and what they were getting.

This used to frustrate them, and they were never sure about what they were getting. It all changed when they looked at the details and paid attention to what they wanted. You have to do the same when getting a new barge winch.

Aicrane top quality barging windlass for sale

1. Various types, creative design
2. Durable material, long using term
3. Small size, light weight, simple structure
4. Easy maintenance, convenient operation
5. Good performance, high efficiency
6. Reliable quality, affordable price

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