Ellsen Anchor Rope Winch For Sale

Anchor Rope Winch

Anchor rope winch is kind of portable marine winch. It has small size, tight structure, simple system, high safety and great performance. It is mainly used for fixing ship. This kind of rope marine windlass is installed on the deck, it can help save much labor resource, energy and cost, increase efficiency and improve condition, and fix ship in the pointed position firmly.

Ellsen, a professional marine windlass manufacturer in China, supplies kinds of winches for sale, such as electric cable winch, cable pulling winch, small boat winch, drum winches for boats, small anchor winch, hydraulic anchor winch, anchor rope winch, horizontal winch, vertical winch, double drum mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch, electric mooring winch, anchor handling towing winch and other types.

Customers can choose suitable type according to practical needs and requirements.

Ellsen Anchor Rope Winch For Sale
Ellsen Anchor Rope Winch For Sale

Dia of anchor rope: ø12mm – ø120mm
Speed: 9-11 m/min
Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
No. of drum: single or double
Ceritificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
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What are basic standards of anchor rope winch?

  • Anchor winch has many functions, it can keep ship stable, take emergency brake and make ship dock safely.
  • First, the winch must be driven by independent prime motor or electric motor.
  • Second, it meet the standards of average speed and workload, and can work continuously for 30min.
  • Third, installing a clutch between sprockets and driving shaft, clutch should have reliable locking device, sprocket or drum should be equipped with reliable brake device. Brake device can stand 45% of static tension of chain breaking load. Anchor chain must be equipped with effective chain stopper. Chain stopper can stand testing load of anchor chain.

The ways to casting anchor

Casting anchor is a usual way to fix ship. The anchor with chain or anchor cable is thrown into water, the gear is in earth, and grabbing force from anchor can connects with water bottom, and fix the ship in pointed place firmly.

According to different waters, meteorological condition, working requirement, the anchor has different casting way, casting anchor in front of ship, it includes casting single anchor and casting double anchors; casting anchor behind ship, it is suitable for river boat; casting anchor before and after ship, it can make ship board toward wind direction.

Purchase anchor rope winch from Ellsen

1. Various types, multiple choice
2. Durable material, long service life
3. Terse structure, simple maintenance
4. Portable weight, convenient use
5. Professional supplier, ensured quality

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