2 Ton Winch

2 Ton Winch

2 ton winch is a small winch. As a lightweight winch, it is very convenient to transport from one place to another place. With a simple system, easy operation, fast maintenance, high efficiency, it is widely used for anchoring and mooring a small ship, it is also applied for lifting and dragging light material in warehouse, factory, and construction site.

Aimix Group, a professional winches supplier in China, provides kinds of light-duty winches, such as 5 ton winch for sale, 6 ton hydraulic winch for sale, 9 ton electric winch. The heavy-duty winches are also great, such as 30 ton hydraulic winch, 50 ton winch for sale, 80 ton low-speed winch. We mainly supply construction winches and marine winches, like an electric towing winch, vertical winch, capstans winches, powerboat anchor winch, cheap boat winch, marine drum winch, electric trailer winch, high-speed winch, low-speed winch, and piling winch.

Whatever types customers want, they can get suitable winch from our group!

2 Ton Winch for Sale
2 Ton Winch

Loading capacity: 2 t
Wire rope capacity: 20-200 m
Working speed: 20-35 m/min
Power supply:220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase
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What is check work of 2 ton winch?

  • First, brake shoe is fixed firmly, if its weariness exceeds one-thirds of original thickness, replace it timely.
  • Second, check whether brake clearance is suitable, the clearance should be less than 2mm.
  • Third, check whether every pin is lack of parts or oil, whether it is flexible.
  • Fourth, check whether the oil pump works normal, whether oil pressure meets standards.
  • Fifth, check whether every valve of the hydraulic station is smooth, the oil quantity is enough.
  • Sixth, check whether wire rope is arranged in order, rope adjusting clutch is reliable.
  • Seventh, check whether all pairs of wheel screws are firm or complete.
  • Eighth, check the meshing condition and lubricating condition of the reduction gear box.
  • Ninth, check whether every part has leakage, whether the electric device is unqualified.
  • Tenth, check whether the weariness exceeds standards.

Why choose Aicrane winches for sale

1. Professional supplier, reliable quality
2. Reasonable design, convenient use
3. Terse structure, simple check, and repair
4. Durable material, anti-corrosion feature
5. Multiple functions, wide application
6. Factory price, great performance


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